Why LuckyFin Soaps...

That is a great question, and we have a simple but great answer for you.

LuckyFin was founded on three core principals and these three simple core principals answer why LuckyFin.

  1.  Make it safe.

  2.  Make it fun for kids.

  3. Give back.

LuckyFin is family owned and operated, our products are made by hand free of paraben and SLS (the chemicals you want to avoid). Keeping it safe!

Enjoy our two little rambunctious "mascots" Sydney Von Scwheets and Captain Hiro and their collection of fun scents that will help make tub time fun again. Making it fun for kids!

That purchase you just made, not only did you just score sweet and wacky soaps, but you are also helping support deaf and hard of hearing families/children/adults. Pat yourself on the back you are truly helping make a difference! A portion of each and every sale is donated to hearing impaired/deaf charities, From our family to yours, and the millions around the world, we truly thank you!